How to Apply

Applying for any of the jobs is simple, however please set aside 10-15 minutes of your time before you start, because we like to get as much information as we can from you before making a decision on who we would like to interview. The process involves four simple steps.

1. Use the search box to find the position you are interested in

You can do this by either entering a ref number (if you have seen the position advertised) or by entering a keyword. Alternatively, if you want to view all our current job listings, simply click on the JOB OPPORTUNITIES tab.

2. Address Key Selection Criteria

This is normally no more than 10 questions, which are designed to provide us with more information about you. These questions will assist us in assessing if you have the qualities, knowledge and skills needed to do the job.  It is important when addressing selection criteria that you provide short statements that sell your specific capabilities to meet each of the criteria. Ensure you use specific examples that demonstrate you have the knowledge, skills, personal and behavioural qualities. 

3. Upload or build your CV

If you have a CV in a compatible format, simply upload it onto our system by following a couple of easy steps.  If you do not already have a professionally formatted CV, you can use our system to build one for you free of charge. Ensure your CV provides your contact details, outlines your qualifications, work experience and contains two contactable work related referees. This may take you a little longer, but having a well laid out CV certainly helps your chances of getting an interview with us.